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Create multiple impressions for your brand on-premise, as consumers
buzz about your BeerTAG® Bottle Markers! Our PE coated paper
Bottle Markers are water-resistant and reusable, giving you a unique
tool to promote your brands on-premise.

Our patent protected Bottle Markers are designed to fit over the most
common U.S.domestic 12oz glass and 16oz plastic bottles, and will also
accommodate a variety of other bottle sizes. They are manufactured
by a machined process, and are delivered ready to use
without any assembly required.

We process orders in as many as 4 to 20 different design
variations, and we recommend to use sets of at least 4 different
colored Bottle Markers for a single promotion.

Here's a few ideas2 for your new promotion.
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*The Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light logos pictured on the featured beer bottles are registered trademarks, and are being used without consent for demonstration purposes only.

1. We offer our artwork and design expertise as a complimentary service for first time orders. Additional design services are offered for $100 per order.

2. All brands, businesses, and promotions featured in the conceptual artwork above are strictly for demonstration purposes only, and are not necessarily related to actual materials produced for any of our customers. Logos used in this artwork are trademarks of their respective companies, and are being used without consent for demonstration purposes only.



32% of beer drinkers in the United States either peel or tear the label off their bottle, just so they know it's theirs.*

An additional 46% place their bottle down in a specific spot, so nobody else drinks it by accident.*

*Market research data from United Sample Inc. & BEERTAG LLC (April 2010)


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a sleeve that fits over the neck of a beer bottle to identify ownership. It's a tag for your beer.

Created in a variety of colors and designs, the BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a simple solution for everyone. Don't confuse your beer anymore, TAG it!


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker offers beer distributors a unique opportunity to promote their brands, directly onto a competitor's product, in the on-premise environment.