BEERTAG LLC was founded by inventor Matthew Lee Rosen & co-founder Joe Adkins.


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a patent pending solution to the common problem of “Which beer is mine?”

The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a sleeve that fits over the bottleneck to help consumers identify their beer in a busy social setting.

BEERTAG LLC is the first company to ever bring this solution to the marketplace as an advertising medium.

With website visitors from over 115 countries and a growing number of fans on Facebook, BeerTAG® is the world's most popular Bottle Marker.


BEERTAG LLC is based in Chicago, and incorporated in the state of Florida. We can be reached locally in both Tampa, FL & Chicago, IL


Confusing one's beverage may not only be an embarrassing experience, but it can also expose a person to obvious health risks.

Our vision is to create a new commonplace promotional item that consumers expect to find at bars alongside of branded drink coasters, napkins, bar mats and bar caddies.

Our goal is to make our BeerTAG Bottle Markers available as a free promotional product to consumers in over 10,000 bars in the U.S. within the next three years, while landing on the shelves of retail stores across the nation, and offering product customization with an online design tool.


32% of beer drinkers in the United States either peel or tear the label off their bottle, just so they know it's theirs.*

An additional 46% place their bottle down in a specific spot, so nobody else drinks it by accident.*

*Market research data from United Sample Inc. & BEERTAG LLC (April 2010)


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a sleeve that fits over the neck of a beer bottle to identify ownership. It's a tag for your beer.

Created in a variety of colors and designs, the BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a simple solution for everyone. Don't confuse your beer anymore, TAG it!


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker offers beer distributors a unique opportunity to promote their brands, directly onto a competitor's product, in the on-premise environment.